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Pharmacy Professionals

Pharmacy CPD Education

In partnership with Guild Learning and Development TePe has developed an online course to educate pharmacists about oral health, titled “maintaining oral health”. TePe is proud to be able to support pharmacists work and all they do in front line care.

The course gives pharmacists insight into oral health with a focus on the importance of periodontal health and interdental cleaning.

This course is equal to 0.5 hours of Group 1 CPD (or 0.5 CPD credits), suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan, which can be converted to 0.5 hours of Group 2 CPD (or 1 CPD credits) upon successful completion of relevant assessment activities.


To enrol in this course please visit guilded.guild.org.au

TePe Share

Access further oral care education with TePe Share. Free and easy-to-access articles, tutorials, and videos for both dental and health care professionals. Topics include:

  • Oral health and general health connection
  • Oral Care for Kids and Teens
  • Prevention of periodontal disease
  • General daily oral care
Access TePe’s wealth of knowledge on oral health with TePe Share. TePe Share is a place to be informed, inspired and educated. For your personal development – and shared for the good of all.

Where is TePe Available?

TePe products are available through API, Sigma, and Symbion, or can be ordered directly from TePe.

Please click the link below to download TePe’s order guide.


TePe Pharmacy PDE Order Guide