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Instructions TePe Media Portal

TePe Media portal is a tool to easy and quick find digital media files from TePe such as photos, logos, presentations, videos, as well as PDF documents.

To get access to material published publicly there is no need for a user id. Just use search functionality and filter functions. Distributers and partners can sign up to get a personal user id by applying using “Partner? Sign up to get access” in the Login menu.

Remember that all content in the Mediabank is the property of TePe Munhygienprodukter AB. When in doubt, please contact mediabank@tepe.com.  

The Media portal is divided in three categories:

  • Brand identity with logotypes, guidelines and templates
  • Product with photos, illustrations and marketing material for products
  • Type with files sorted by type of material.

Start using TePe Media portal by selecting a category, for example Brand Identity.

On the top there is the TePe logotype. By clicking on the logotype, you will always get back to the start page to select Category. To the right of the logotype there is a search field to search for files, a link to collections, a link to download basket and the Login menu. The header is always visible in any TePe Media portal page.

On the left hand side there are filters. Filters are used to narrow down the number of displayed files.

The buttons to the right hand side are used to sort the files displayed. You can sort by name, date and format. Editors pick is the sort order recommended by the Graphical Design Team at TePe.

Sign up for a user account

A lot of material is published publically available without a personal user account. Distributer and partners can however get access to more material by signing up for an account. This is made by selecting ““Partner? Sign up to get access” in the Login menu.

Fill in all information and press Submit. The Graphical Design Team at TePe will review the application and respond as soon as possible. When the application is approved it is possible to login by using the Login menu. The username is the email address entered.


Open a file

By selecting a file, a bigger image of the file with information of the file is displayed and it is possibly to open the file, send it to the basket, add it to a collection or download the file.

By clicking on the Open button an even bigger image is displayed with more information. The information displayed is depending on the type of file.

To search for a file, use the Search field in the top of the page. The search will be done in the selected category by using the keywords for the file.

For example, to search for Easypick type “Easypick” in the search field. In this case there are 87 files matching.

To narrow the search type “easypick blue”, then there are only four files matching.

By entering terms this way terms are combined by AND condition. To use OR condition use “||” to combine, for example by typing “easypick || blue” gives all images with keyword “easypick” OR “blue”.

More advanced search methods is to use “-“ gives files that don’t contain the keyword and terms enclosed with “ “ are handled as a single term.


First thing to remember is that filter does not work like a hierarchical menu. They are used to filter information to narrow down displayed files. For example, if you would like to only see files that are presentations in English (international) and Swedish then select “English (international)” and “Swedish” in “Language” and “Presentation” in File format type. Then only two files are displayed. The selected filters are shown on the top of the page.


Filters can be combined together in any way to narrow down the search.

The Basket

The basket is a temporary repository for files which is especially handy if you want to assemble a couple of associated file. It is possible to add as many files as you need to the basket, from any overview page.

Files in the basket can be downloaded and added to a collection all in one go, or individually. Because the basket is a temporary repository, its contents is cleared when you end your Portals session. Every time you log in into Portals, you start with a clean and empty basket.

Use the basket by adding files and the go to the basket where it is possible to download all selected files at the same time together in a zip file.

Download files

Files can be downloaded by hovering over the image (see below), from the open dialog, from a collection or from the Basket.

Depending of the type of file it can be downloaded in multiple formats and resolutions depending on the purpose.

By saving files to the Basket and then download is a smart way of working because all selected files will be downloaded at the same time in the same format in a zip file.


A collection is a place you can collect files for later use. Once you have created a collection, it will still be available the next time when you log in into Portals. Collections can be shared with other users. Whenever you create a collection, you decide whether it shall be private (accessible only by you), or whether it shall be shared. Shared collections available either to all Cumulus users with a valid login, or only to users you have selected.
The contents of a collection can be sorted according to various criteria such as Record Name or Creation Date, etc.

Collections are only accessible if you have logged in with a user account.

Create a new collection by open a file and select “Add to collection”.


Select “New collection” and select if it will be a private collection or shared. Then enter a new for the collection and a description.


When done you can select more files and add to the existing collection.

Collections you have access to is available from the top menu bar.

Files in a collection can be downloaded individually or together as a zip-file.

Instructions TePe Media Portal

If you need more help, try one of these suggestions for more information:

  • Type “Help” in the Search field in TePe Media Portal
  • Check the instruction film at mediabank.tepe.com
  • Send a question to the TePe Graphical team at mediabank@tepe.com
  • Cumulus Portals Help