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To bring healthy smiles for life

The TePe range of interdental brushes, toothbrushes and dental sticks is developed in collaboration with dental experts. We have everything you need for keeping your teeth and oral hygiene healthy.

In this country TePe is represented by a local distributor. Serge Dental does not have a website, but please send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

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TePe products

TePe offers a variety of products for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. All TePe products are developed in collaboration with dental professionals.

Between the teeth

There are many ways of cleaning between the teeth. What cleaning device you choose depends on the sizes of the gaps, but also on your own preferences. TePe offers several alternatives for your daily interdental cleaning.

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TePe - high quality oral hygiene products

TePe is a privately held Swedish company founded in 1965. We develop, manufacture and sell high quality, functional oral hygiene products in cooperation with dental experts. Our vision is for people to be able to keep their teeth for life. It is our aim to raise awareness of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the connection between oral and general health. Through our functional quality products, we strive to make good oral health possible for everyone. Healthy teeth – throughout life.