Useful methods for increased patient self-efficacy

Training of Dental Professionals in Motivational Interviewing can Heighten Interdental Cleaning Self-Efficacy in Periodontal Patients.

Dental professionals
MO Collection 629

Crucial components for long term success of periodontal treatment are the patients’ adherence to recommendations from their dental professional, as well as their level of motivation. The aim of this study was to look at the effect of motivational interviewing (MI) on patients undergoing non-surgical periodontal therapy. The treatment was performed by students.

One group of students received education in MI, including a 1-day workshop, literature, and a supervisory session. Another group of students did not receive any training in this field.

Interdental cleaning self-efficacy received higher values in the group of patients treated by the MI trained students. The clinical periodontal parameters, however, were not influenced by MI, something that can be explained by the great impact of scaling and root planing on these parameters. The study extended over six months and results might have been different if duration had been longer.

The group of students who underwent MI training scored significantly higher on MI variables compared to the untrained students, although not reaching the level recommended for MI therapists. The total duration of behaviour-related conversation did not differ between the groups, even though MI requires more open questions, which could have been assumed to take a longer time.

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