TePe Share Customised Lectures

Our worldwide odontology team provides various lectures, delivered all over the globe. They are all based on scientific research and focused on oral health but also cover matters such as the connection between oral health and general health, patient communication and motivation, peri-implant diseases and Swedish dentistry.

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Tailored lectures

Our customised lectures are intended for academic staff, postgraduate students, specialists and the whole team at dental clinics, as well as pharmacy staff.

The lectures can all be modified to fit your needs and interests. The recommended time for a lecture is 60-90 minutes but they can easily be extended. We focus on prevention and plaque control but adapt the content according to the target group. The lectures may include practical training. There is also a possibility of receiving a certificate of attendance for our customised lectures. If you have questions regarding our customised lectures or want to book one, please contact your local distributor.


Oral health
Swedish dentistry
Implant maintenance
Communication and motivation

Inquiries about lectures