Dental management of patients with eating disorders

Time 28 September 3 AM AEST, 29 September 8 PM AEST
Duration 45 min + Q&A
Presenter/s Carl-Fredrik Arnelund, DDS, specialist in prosthetic dentistry, Public dental health service, Örebro County Council, Sweden
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Patients with eating disorders present a challenge for most dental professionals. If untreated, the disease is a life-threatening condition, and an early detection is in many ways important. A dental professional could be one of the first people to detect signs of the disease, it is therefore important to have knowledge about how to approach the problem and how to encourage patients to seek professional care. Regarding oral health, we have to consider that patients with eating disorders are at higher risk of developing dental erosion and caries. Prophylactic interventions are important, but sometimes a full-mouth rehabilitation is also necessary. As dental professionals, we can have a positive impact on the patient's quality of life, but to be able to do this, we need knowledge about their situation. The topic of this webinar is the detection and treatment of patients with eating disorders in the dental office.

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Target groups

Suitable for all dental professionals and students within the dental field.


To share the experience of working with this patient group for more than 20 years

To describe various solutions and techniques for prophylactic interventions and dental rehabilitation 

Learning outcomes

Have knowledge about how to detect eating disorders among dental patients

Have an understanding of situational psychological aspects and how to make the patient feel secure in the dental situation

Have knowledge about different options for dental treatment with regards to various degrees of the disease's impact on the teeth

About the speaker 

Carl-Fredrik Arnelund has been working in the public dental health services as a specialist in prosthetic dentistry since 2003. He has a close collaboration with the psychiatric clinic in Örebro, Sweden, providing shared care for patients with eating disorders. He as a Master of Science in dentistry, focusing on long-term follow up of adhesive ceramic solutions. Dr Arnelund is also head of the postgraduate dental education centre in Örebro and gives courses in prosthetic dentistry.

Dr Cark-Fredrik Arnelund

Dr Cark-Fredrik Arnelund