Peri-implantitis management: a growing problem within our daily responsibilities

Time 24 October 7 PM CEST
Duration 45 min + Q&A
Presenter/s Alessandra Sironi, dental hygienist, Italy
Contact If you have any questions, please email


Peri-implantitis is a real problem that many of us meet in day-to-day dentistry. The symptoms are sometimes ignored, and often the disease is not adequately treated. This can lead to the development of large bone defects and to implant loss. But what is really known about peri-implantitis and its’ treatment? We’ll discuss how we can reduce the incidence of this disease by analyzing the risk factors and look at how we can treat and control peri-implantitis over time.

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Target groups

Suitable for all dental professionals and students within the dental field.


To provide an overview of what peri-implantitis is and the risk factors that can cause the onset of this pathology

To inspire listeners not to underestimate this disease from its early stages by adopting short- and long-term prevention and treatment protocols

Learning outcomes

Be familiar with ways of treating peri-implantitis non-surgically and which maintenance protocols to adopt over time

Have knowledge about the importance of the various risk factors and which tools to use to control and treat peri-implant pathology

About the speaker 

Alessandra Sironi graduated in Dental Hygiene from the University of Milan in Italy. Over the years she has specialized in the treatment of periodontal and peri-implant disease. For the last ten years she has been working with Prof. Massimo Simion, a leading expert in implantology and the Guided bone regeneration technique. Alessandra’s purpose is to care for her patients and contribute to the long-term maintenance of their oral health. A speaker at national courses and congresses and co-author of scientific articles, she has concentrated much of her time on training and teaching. Being a member of the Board of Dental Hygienists of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration and part of TePe’s extended clinical team, she lectures to students and colleagues throughout Italy.