Smoking Cessation in Dental Practice “Do you Mind if I Vape”? ….Well do we?

Time Wednesday 10th at 5 am (AEDT), Wednesday 10th at 5pm (AEDT)
Duration 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Presenter/s Elaine Tilling MSc, DMS, RDH, MIHPE, FSBDN
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This presentation will look at the complexity of healthy habit formation and the role of electronic nicotine delivery devices in smoking cessation provided in dental practice. Discussing our understanding of the potential impact of their use on both oral and general health..

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Wednesday, February 10th at 5 am (AEDT)

Wednesday, February 10th at 5 pm (AEDT)


• Provide an update on the role of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco free ‘devices’ as part of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

• Present our current understanding of the health implications of their use

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand how e-cigarettes work and the controversy around their use

• Be able to support patients wishing to give up tobacco in practice that wish to use e-cigarettes /vapes



Elaine Tilling

Dental Hygienist MSc,