How to choose the best interdental cleaning tool for your patients (Englisch)

Time Dienstag, 7. Juni 2022, 19-20 Uhr, Mittwoch, 8. Juni 12-13 Uhr, Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2022 7-8 Uhr
Duration 45 min + Fragerunde (Englisch)
Presenter/s Heather Wong, RDH, TePe USA
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Developing patient compliance and motivation is a challenge for the dental professional. Helping patients find the products that are right for their motor skills, level of motivation, and their level of the disease will be significant for their long-term oral health. We will look at evidence-based research and how to tailor products to each patient for the optimal level of compliance.  


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Suitable for all dental professionals as well as pharmacy professionals with an interest in oral care. 

Ziele des Webinars

To provide research and instruction on interdental care in relation to oral disease and different oral hygiene devices. 


Explain the difference between interdental devices 

Deliver proper instructions for the use of different interdental devices 

Decide individualized home care recommendations based on patient need 


Über die Referentin

Heather Wong, RDH, MSDH is the Professional Relations Manager for TePe Oral Health Care in the United States. She received her MSDH from Idaho State University. She has eleven years of experience working clinically as a hygienist in both periodontal and general practices. Heather has been adjunct faculty at both Pasadena Community College and Pacific University. She has served and supported the American Dental Hygienists’ Association at both the state and local levels as Treasurer, Trustee, and as a delegate. Heather has presented lectures in collaboration with Western Society of Periodontology, many dental hygiene associations, gives webinars on interdental cleaning, and has presented on advocacy for underserved populations. 

Heather Wong, RDH, TePe USA

Heather Wong, RDH, TePe USA