Lifestyle and Periodontal Disease

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) 2014 Manifesto: “Periodontal Health for a Better life, promoted a fundamental shift in the role of dental health care professionals. The key element of the manifesto was ‘prevention’ to specifically tackle the chronic inflammatory diseases of ageing. The promotion of lifestyle changes aimed at reducing obesity and smoking and promoting healthy nutrition and exercise.”

Dental professionals
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The dental profession can strengthen public health initiatives by playing a greater role in the prevention and early intervention of chronic and long-term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer”. Including brief and simple advice on general health promoting lifestyle changes should be a routine part of dental practice. “Dental healthcare professionals and oral health provision have a clear role to play in enhancing general health and well-being.”


This article is presented by Michaela von Geijer, DDS, TePe Headquarters.

Chapple and Wilson 2014