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A choice that matters

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in our product and packaging in 2022. We continue to invest in new sustainable initiatives because it matters to the planet and you.


From the first tooth and throughout life

As the scientific support for a connection between oral and general health grows stronger, our aim of creating positive change is more relevant than ever. Developing solutions for good oral health and well-being for people.

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From GOOD sources

We’ve added new colours to our unique green toothbrush TePe GOOD™. Together they form a full range of sustainable toothbrushes made from good renewable raw materials and produced using only green energy.

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Made in Sweden

In 1965 we introduced the triangular dental stick, a significant contribution to dental care at the time. Today we are a global company with subsidiaries and distribution around the globe. TePe remains a family owned company, with all manufacturing in Malmö Sweden.

To bring healthy smiles for life, by inspiring good oral health

Based on our vision, we work to raise awareness about oral health and its connection to general health. We are proud to say that our products contribute to health and well-being for people all over the world.