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We care about people’s health and raising awareness of oral health and the connection to general health. Therefore, we will keep striving to develop solutions for longterm well-being and a better quality of life for people. All TePe’s products and solutions are developed based on clinical knowledge and in collaboration with dental professionals. Our responsibility for people, health and the environment is considered throughout the innovation process.

Preventive dental care today and tomorrow

Raising awareness about preventive oral care and the connection between oral health and general health is more important than ever. We are proud to offer products and solutions which promote long-term oral health and thus a better quality of life for people worldwide.

Our oral care range is appreciated and endorsed by dental professionals for its high quality, clinical application, and because it fulfils the strict criteria for safe and hygienic oral use. Our business depends on reliable and high-quality suppliers and raw materials that meet the demands of our own production as well as demands and expectations from our customers, end-consumers and other stakeholders. But, they also expect us to do the right thing; they trust us to make good choices.

Our commitment for the future

Innovation, knowledge and health run through TePe’s development as a company. We see it as our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future in all possible aspects of our business and to keep it an integral part of our work. Sustainability at TePe means ensuring environmental, economic, and social well-being for today and tomorrow. It means meeting the needs of people and society, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is about living within the limits of the planet and protecting the environment.

It is our belief that becoming a more sustainable company and having a lower environmental impact is not just the right thing it is also a good way to help customers and consumers make conscious choices and achieve their environmental goals. Learn more about TePe´s sustainability initiatives here. 

Our heritage

In 1965 we introduced the triangular dental stick, a significant contribution to dental care at the time. With the aid and scientific support from two professors at the School of Dentistry in Malmö, wood carver Henning Eklund came up with the innovative design which marked the beginning of TePe. Our efforts within life science and health awareness is one key to our success. That’s why dentists have a professional partnership with TePe since decades. And that’s why they recommend today’s many new products and services to many of their patients.

Today, we are a global company with subsidiaries and business creators delivering customer value around the globe. TePe remains privately owned and headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. The mission to develop high-quality products and solutions to inspire a healthier lifestyle stays the same.


Our ambition has always been to improve people's health and make a real difference. For us, building a sustainable future is as much about taking responsibility for the planet as creating good conditions for health.

Our commitments for a sustainable future

Eklund Foundation

The Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education supports knowledge and development within the dental field by annual funding to international studies, primarily in periodontology, implantology and cariology.

Learn more about the Eklund Foundation

Company Leadership

Meet our management team – each bringing their experience and perspective to the strategic development of the business.

Get to know the Management Team

Innovation and production

We challenge ourselves to find new sustainable solutions as the world around us and customer demands are changing.

Learn more about sustainable innovation at TePe