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Educational Support Material & Product Displays

TePe offers a number of educational support materials along with a variety of product racks for an appealing display of TePe's products. The various models provide flexibility for different needs.

Education Support Material

TePe Information Pod

This information pod will help you demonstrate to your patients the importance of cleaning between the teeth.

The information pod explains:

  1. From gum disease to tooth loss
  2. Brushing where it is needed most
  3. Still only brushing 60% of the tooth's surface


Clinical Poster for Practice

Use the TePe Clinical poster as a detailed aid to help your patients understand the benefits of cleaning between their teeth.


Download Clinical Poster 

Product Display Stands

Floor Display

The floor display, made of white lacquered metal, can easily be adjusted. 21 detachable hangers and one shelf, all attached in slots which offers big flexibility. The display has four wheels and is therefore easy to move. Height: 163 cm, width: 51 cm, weight: 18 kg. 
Item number: 216.

Wall Display Metal

Wall Display with magnetic top sign, 12 hangers and a practical storage shelf at the bottom. Height 80 cm, width 50 cm, depth 19 cm (hangers included) and 24,5 cm (shelf included). Item number: 931 053.

Table Display Metal

Table Display with 8 hangers, adjustable for the needs of the clinic. 8 hangers when using the rotating function, 4 hangers when using the display against a wall. Height 53 cm (including top sign), width 20 cm, depth 34 cm (including hangers on both sides, total 8 hangers). 
Item number: 931 055.

Interdental Brush Display

For original and x-soft interdental brushes. Perfect for the reception desk, clinic or the waiting room. Clear acrylic material. Height 6 cm, width 19 cm, depth 8 cm. 
Item number: 931 035.

Mini-display Toothbrushes

Display for 13 toothbrushes, adapted for Select, Select Compact or Mini. Can be placed on a table or hung on the wall. Made of clear acrylic material, dishwasher proof. 
Item number: 931 029.

Mini Display

Designed to take six TePe toothbrushes and/or Special Brushes and nine TePe Interdental Brushes. Suitable for the reception desk and the surgery. Clear acrylic material. Height 4.5 cm, width 19 cm, depth 8 cm.
Item number: 931 031.