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Besides our product materials, our packaging is key in reaching the goal of becoming CO2 neutral. Packaging must protect the product, both during shipping, in stores and during normal use at home – therefore, the choice of material for the packaging must be weighed against the aim to prolong the life and secure the safety and use of the product.

At TePe, we’re striving to find the balance between packaging that is durable but also as environmentally friendly as possible. All our packaging is easy to recycle, and we are striving to increase our use of renewable materials. However, we are bound by cosmetic and medical grade regulations, which affects the options.

We carefully consider the volume of materials needed for our packaging and aim to reduce packaging wherever possible. Besides the challenge of renewable material supplies, the transition places high demands on machine capacity and testing.

Our high ambitions for CO2 neutrality is a catalyst for improvements where every step will contribute to fulfilling the goal.

Recyclable and renewable solutions

An interview with TePe’s Senior Product Manager, Sophia Engqvist. Read the article here.