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Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation

We have decided to take action and do our best to contribute to a more sustainable future. As the world around us and the demands from the customers are changing, we must challenge ourselves to find new and sustainable solutions. Combining market insight, clinical experience, and scientific development, we continuously develop and refine our products and services.

The development of new products and solutions is a constant process, which is always in line with customer and consumer needs, clinical experience, and scientific research to offer value for the consumer. Our in-house dental experts, work closely together with our innovation team, combining the perspectives of clinical experience and a sustainable mindset to develop and refine the TePe portfolio.

Sustainable innovation involves finding and implementing eco-friendly alternatives to fossil-based raw materials in products and packaging. Options are still somewhat limited regarding sustainable materials and techniques that reach our high standards, but the development in this field is happening quickly. We will never compromise on the safety and quality of our products; however, we are committed to making the shift as soon as possible with respect to supply of raw materials and techniques.

We are also actively involved in the work of standardising oral hygiene products as proud representatives for Sweden in the ISO Dental Care Committee.

Shifting to a circular economy for plastics 

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