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Your teeth

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of a screw that is placed in the jawbone and a crown, which looks like a natural tooth and is anchored to the implant. When the screw is placed in the jawbone, it will in most cases integrate with the bone, which heals tightly around the screw. For the treatment to be successful, taking good care of your dental implants is vital. With proper home care and professional maintenance, your new teeth can last for life.

How do I care for my dental implant?

Just like with natural teeth, it’s important to clean all surfaces of the implant. For your daily oral care, we offer regular toothbrushes, floss and interdental brushes, and various specialty brushes. To keep your dental implants healthy for life it’s important to properly clean them every day and see a dental professional regularly.

Brush twice a day with a regular (manual or electric) toothbrush. Often, you will need to complement your toothbrushing with a specialty brush. TePe Universal CareTM has a unique, angled neck that helps reach inside surfaces, TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush™ is great for outside surfaces and TePe Compact TuftTM is great for precision cleaning and hard-to-reach spots.

Cleaning dental implants

See our videos of how to clean your implants.


The inside

Clean the inside of your implants with TePe Universal Care™.


Along the gumline

Clean the important area where your implant meets your gums with this slim brush.

How do I clean between my dental implants?

Using an interdental brush is the most effective way to clean the sides of your implants and the spaces around them. Your implant construction should allow for easy cleaning access. Ask your dental professional to show you where the implants are located and for help choosing the right brush sizes. You’ll usually need more than one size. TePe Interdental Brushes come in different sizes and are available with extra soft bristles. TePe Interdental Brush Angle has a long handle that makes cleaning from the inside easier.

TePe Bridge & Implant Floss™ can be used for daily cleaning for both single implants and implant bridges. Ask your dental professional for some tips on using this floss or watch this video.

TePe EasyPickTM is available in three conical sizes, has a sturdy, yet flexible design and comfortable silicone coating. Use the EasyPick during the day to keep your implants free from food debris.


The sides

clean between your implants and under the construction with TePe Interdental Brushes.

Around the implant

Clean around your dental implants with TePe Bridge & Implant Floss™.

Clean in-between

Clean the sides of your implants every day.

Healthy foundation

An interdental brush is great for cleaning under an implant bar.

A better grip

TePe Angle facilitates cleaning from the inside and further back in the mouth.

Can inflammation around implants occur?

If dental plaque builds up around implants, gums will become inflamed rather quickly. This inflammation is called peri-implant mucositis and is very common. The inflammation must be attended to quickly before progressing deeper into the gums. If the inflammation progresses, there can also be bone-loss around implants, called periimplantitis.